Charlotte Testing

Amateur Radio License Test Exam Sessions

All MARS-sponsored Amateur Radio exam sessions are open to all applicants.  The exams are held in the Gymnasium building behind St. Giles Evangelical Presbyterian Church at 2027 Emerywood Avenue in Charlotte.  All exams start at 9:00AM – Please arrive by 8:45AM.  Pre-registration is required for our test sessions.  Please send an email to our VE Team Manager [here] or calling 704-641-0959.  You may also contact us if you need additional information.

Please bring the following to the test session: Scheduled Sessions
WCARS-VEC Exam fee of $10.00 (Cash Preferred) Saturday, May 4th 2024
Photo ID (Drivers License / Passport) Saturday, August (TBA), 2024
Your original Amateur License and a copy Saturday, November (TBA), 2024
Any CSCE’s and copies from previous exams

All applicants must have an FCC FRN to register for an exam.  For more information, please watch the instructional video on YouTube [here] or visit  Registration starts promptly at 9:00 am. Exams are administered for all of the Amateur Radio License categories (Technician, General and Extra) at each session.  The Session is structured so that all applicants complete the registration process and forms first, then these are checked and the exam fee is collected.  Once the paperwork is correct, the multiple choice exams are handed out to those taking the exams.  The exams are not timed so that applicants can take them without being rushed.  The exams are graded during the session by three trained Volunteer Examiners, and the results (passed/failed) are shared at that time.  If a person passes one exam, they are eligible to take the next Class license exam at the same exam session.  We ask our applicants to stay on site until the exam results are known so that the CSCE for that exam can be completed.  Our results are then submitted to the WCARS-VEC that in turn submits them to the FCC.  Once these are in the FCC database, new callsigns are generated and published.

New amateur radio operators may obtain their callsigns by checking the FCC Universal Licensing System [here] and selecting the “By Name” search in the box.

The Mecklenburg VE Team tries to accommodate special testing needs such as providing verbal exams.  If you have a special need, you must request an accommodation at least two full weeks before the testing date so that the Exam Manager can determine if we can meet your need.  The all-volunteer Mecklenburg VE Team cannot guarantee that special need requests can be honored at all testing sessions.

If you have any questions, please contact Steven Burke, KI4FAQ, MARS-WCARS VEC Liaison [here] or call 704-641-0959.